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Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide service for your mobility unit. Please call a our service department 1-754-300-9013 if you need assistance or have a issue or just want to ask questions about our service or mobility products.

Where is the chair's battery located?

The power chair has two batteries, one located under the seat, one beneath the cowling.

The scooter has two batteries, also located under the seat.

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How long do I have to charge the battery on my scooter or power chair?

If your unit is new, the first few charges require 10-14 hours. After that, your unit will require 8-10 hours (overnight) of charging for average daily use. If your unit goes a whole week without use, it is recommend that you charge it 8-10 hours.

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Is it OK to charge the battery in short increments?

Yes. You may charge your unit for shorter periods of time, this will not harm the battery.

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My unit will not run. The battery and the control indicator shows it has plenty of charge. What can it be?

  • With the unit charged and powered on, check that the wheel levers are disengaged. A power chair has two "freewheel" levers; scooters have one. The unit will not run if the levers are disengaged, as this means the wheels are disengaged from the motor. If the wheel levers face out, pull them in towards the unit.
  • Check to see that the unit is not plugged into the wall.
  • Check the circuit breaker, located on the bottom back of the unit next to the charger cord outlet. You can easily reset the circuit breaker by pushing it back in until it clicks. The button reads "Press to reset." If the unit was on an incline or operating in the sand, the breaker may have tripped. If this is a recurring problem, or if resetting the breaker does not work contact our service department at 1-754-300-9013.

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The battery indicator does not show a full charge after charging for 8 hours?

The battery may have a bad cell and must be replaced. Contact our service department at 1-754-300-9013.

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How long is battery life?

Battery life is normally one-two years, depending on the terrain, daily usage, the charging routine, and the user's weight. If you need a new battery, call our service department at 1-754-300-9013.

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How do I know if my battery is running low on charge?

You should charge the unit once the battery indicator light reaches the first or second yellow light. When the battery charge is too low, the lights on the battery indicator may begin flashing. The battery indicator is located at the top of the controller panel on the arm of your unit.

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What do the battery indicator lights mean?

Power chairs use lights on the joystick to show battery condition. There are 10 lights to show status: three green (full charge), three yellow, and three red.

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My unit got wet and will not run. What should I do?

Let the unit dry out thoroughly before attempting to use it again. If the problem persists, contact our service department at 1-754-300-9013.

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My unit became overheated and now will not run.

When the motor exceeds its safe operating temperature the mechanism begins reducing power to the motor. The unit will run much slower and may even stop. Once the unit is allowed to cool off and the sensor mechanism detects a safe operating temperature, your unit will be fully functional. If the problem persists, contact our service department at 1-754-300-9013.

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My power chair or scooter is not holding the charge. What should I do?

Make sure you are using a working outlet. If a wall switch controls the outlet check that it is on. Make sure you have plugged the cord all the way into the electrical outlet. Check that the amp meter goes up when the battery charger is plugged into the outlet. When working properly the amp meter indicator will move up and then slowly down as the battery charge decreases. You can locate the amp meter next to the circuit breaker button on the bottom back of the unit. If these things are checked and the unit is still experiencing charging problems, contact a Service Representative at 1-754-300-9013.

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Can I take my power chair or scooter on the plane when I travel?

Yes. Power mobility devices are not considered baggage for airline travel and are usually not assessed and additional fee.

The unit's batteries should be removed and stored in a sealed container beforehand (most airlines will provide this container).

Contact your specific airline for more details or TSA.

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